About me

I’m Philippe, a French graduate student in Financial Engineering at UC Berkeley. I did my undergraduate in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in Paris. At that time I focused on projects of Machine Learning, Computer Science and image processing. During my internship year last year I worked as full stack developer at Illuin Technology, an AI company in Paris. I built chat-bots as well as an ecosystem to configure them, train them, annotate them and deploy them to several platforms.

Then eager to discover the world, I went to Hong Kong to build high frequency trading automatons at Laplace Research Capital, connecting several trading strategies to several exchanges and products in real-time. I worked on data collection and processing to make custom orderbooks for quantitative research. Now at UC Berkeley, I keep studying Machine Learning, Optimization and FinTech as well as Robotics, Embedded Systems and Integrated Circuits. I am currently looking for tech job opportunities in the Silicon Valley and more broadly in the US.

You can contact me by email at philippe [ at ] fdesousa.fr