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CS Club Bootcamps

Lecturer, Ponts ParisTech, KIClubinfo, 2017


The CS club of my French engineering school organize sessions throughout the year to teach different subjects related to CS and the tools needed to make the most of classes at the school. Those sessions are open to everybody. I gave lectures of Web development, LaTeX and Git.

Industrial and Commercial Data Systems

Grader, UC Berkeley, IEOR, 2019


In parallel of my graduate studies, I grade a class of 70 IEOR juniors and seniors for homework, lab quizzes and exams throughout the fall semester. The course IEOR 115 at Berkeley focuses on database design an implementation, with an emphasis on industrial and commercial applications. The students learn the relational database model and the mathematics of relational algebra and Structured Query Language (SQL). Laboratory sessions use Microsoft Access and students work in teams to design and implement working prototype databases for local organizations.


AI Engineer

Build of an administration panel, Illuin Technology, 2018

Trader developer

Build of an automaton and a global data processing pipeline, Laplace Research Capital, 2019


We traded on crypto exchanges around the world, mostly derivatives such as futures and perpetuals:

  • Development of a high frequency trading automatons for crypto exchanges (Python / C++)
  • Real time market data collection in several regions of the world (Kubernetes, C++)
  • Market data processing and order book generation (Python)